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Q: What is Run Fido Run?
A: Run Fido Run is an Idaho 501(c)(3) non-profit with a mission to raise funds to benefit local Idaho animal shelters and other animal welfare organizations. Run Fido Run is operated entirely by volunteers with the sole purpose of raising funds for distribution to 501(c)(3)-qualified animal organizations. 100% of funds raised from our events are donated to animal welfare organizations.

Q: I want to participate in your race event, but I do not have a dog. Can I run the race without a dog?
A: Running or walking in our race events with a dog is optional. You are more than welcome to run/walk with or without your furry friend.

Q: What do I receive for my event registration fee?
A: In addition to helping local animal shelters with your registration fee, race registrants will receive a Run Fido Run T-shirt. Dog participants will receive various Fido treats throughout the event, thanks to our sponsors. Winners of the race will receive prizes, to be announced at the event.

Q: I am interested in volunteering for Run Fido Run. How do I contact you?
A: We are always looking for volunteers to help with our mission! Please see our contact page.

Q: Who exactly will receive funds from Run Fido Run?
A: Run Fido Run donates 100% of its proceeds from fund raising events to local 501(c)(3)-qualified animal shelters and/or welfare organizations. The Board of Directors determines how funds will be distributed by majority vote, after receiving donation applications from local organizations. Thanks to the help of our sponsors, volunteers, and race participants, we have raised over $25,000 for local animal welfare organizations. Beneficiaries of our funds have included Genesis Service Dogs, SNIP, Simply Cats, McPaws Regional Animal Shelter, Fuzzy Paws Rescue, Weiser Pound, Idaho Humane Society, 2nd Chance Animal Shelter, Meridian Valley Humane Society, Canyon County Animal Shelter, the Idaho Black Bear Rehab, and the Pet Adoption League (PAL) in Emmett, ID.

Q: We are a non-profit interested in applying for Run Fido Run funds. How do we apply?
A: As part of Run Fido Run's commitment to animals, an amount of funds from our events are available to local animal shelters/rescues and other animal welfare organizations in the form of donations. Run Fido Run's main objective is to raise funds to benefit 501(c)(3)-qualified animal shelters and/or welfare organizations. For details, please contact us.



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